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Security Marking


DUOGRAM HD is a tactile hot foiled feature which offers unique holographic effects without hologram origination costs.
  • Instant authentication - Quick and easily recognisable by eye
  • Covert authentication - Hidden features, revealed using special tools
  • Counterfeit prevention - Practically impossible to copy
  • Quantity - No minimum order quantity required
  • Secure manufacturing process - All produced in house
  • Controlled supply - Safeguards your design
  • Fast production - Typically within 1 working week
  • User specific design - Your identity becomes a security feature

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Confidence in future

Denouncing pleasure and praising pain was will give you a complete who chooses to enjoy a pleasure that has no annoying consequences,

Identity View

Your chosen identity can be seen

Can include covert & overt features

Awesome Image

Colourful Microtext

Small text can be seen

Colour text reads "SECURE"

Awesome Image

Authentication Angle

Bright "OK" can be seen

Instant authentication

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Text which is 25 in height. This can be seen using a microscope
Awesome Image