MicroPOISE™ MK3 - The next generation in
document security

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MicroPOISE™ MK3 - The next generation of document security

Closing the loop on document, hologram and application traceability.
  • Validates and secures documents as issued
  • Digital audit records
  • Biometric user control

MicroPOISE MK3 digital audit records allows the user to be able to record essential data from the application to enable the complete traceability of a document allowing incomparable authentication.

Issuer's biometric data is recorded

Issuing location is recorded

Document ID is recorded

Hologram ID is recorded

Database integration

This data allows the document and hologram to be authenticated and traced.

The MicroPOISE MK3 secure hologram system offers
  • Industry leading hologram registration
  • Add security in seconds
  • Touch screen user interface
  • Multiple user control
  • Foil management
  • Biometric access


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